My Story

 My husband and I fell in love with the Scentsy products after purchasing our first two warmers and plug-in last fall at a home show and immediately knew we were hooked on the aromas that flowed throughout our home. We had tried different products in the past, but none compared to our new Scentsy warmer and plug-in. This fall we went to the same home show and to no surprise, the Scentsy Consultant was there selling the wonderful products. Again, my husband and I purchased a warmer and two plug-ins (this way we don't have to move it from one area to another) and six different scent packs. There was a sign about joining Scentsy and I didn't give it a second thought at the time, just went on our way with our great Scentsy products. Upon arriving home, we were both pulling the plug-ins out of the bag and smelling the new melts we had purchased to determine which one to use first. We chose Snow Berry, which was a great choice. Later that evening, I was looking through the catalogs that were in the bag with our warmers and saw the pamphlet about becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant. As I read through it, I realized that if my husband and I loved these products so much, others would too. That night I sent an email to the Scentsy Consultant from the home show with some questions and she replied back with exactly what I wanted to hear. The next day I made one of the best decisions of my life........I joined Scentsy.  As a new Scentsy Independent Consultant, my husband and I are hoping to not only help supplement our income, but to share the wonderful experience we have enjoyed with these fantastic products with others. Scentsy takes all of the guess-work out of running your own business and makes it so easy to be successful. I have high hopes that my business will take off in a positive direction and help keep me busy during those times when my full-time job slows down. Although I have not personally met my other team members, they have welcomed me with open arms and I believe they are amazing and talented people. This seems to be the norm for all those associated with this fabulous company. We are always looking for other fabulous people to join us. Whether you want to have extra cash for pay the phone bill, the car payment, the mortgage payment... or to save for colleges or vacation - I am confident that Scentsy is your answer! Just click on "JOIN" up above or call/e-mail me today to learn about working for yourself, because honestly: what's better than that? Since our house fire last September from a knocked over scented oil lamp, I can rest assured now to have Scentsy's safe alternative to wicked candles in almost every room of our home. There’s no soot, no toxins, no flame - just a stronger, longer-lasting scent that melts in a beautiful warmer. This is a much safer alternative for those who enjoy “scented candles” yet have cats and dogs that are always curious of different smells and may either hurt themselves or others with their curiosity.  Well, our coming out party did not go well as not a single person showed up.  Trying not to get depressed, Ray and I sat down, had some punch and ate the food we had prepared and made plans on what our next step would be.  As it turned out, that was exactly what we needed to get ourselves motivated and we have made every goal we have set for ourselves as well as those that Scentsy has for new consultants. Sara and Ray IrwinIndependent<!--endbody-->